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MOBILE Paintless dent repair

Professional PDR Service In Johannesburg

We provide a mobile paint-less dent repair service in the greater Johannesburg area. Paint-less dent repair is a process where we remove dents from your vehicle with specialized tools and workmanship. We are mobile and come to your home or office. Selecting paint-less damage repair (PDR) uses a fast, affordable means to eliminate unattractive dents so the damage is undetectable. The convenience of this service is just unbeatable. 


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What We Do Best

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is a method of repairing dents to your car without having to spray or paint the area on your vehicle that has a dent or a ding. We remove these dents quickly and cost effectively making it quick and effortless to get your car looking supreme in a few hours.

With our cutting-edge skills and techniques, we can remove these unattractive dents without leaving a trace that there were never any dents there in the first place leaving your vehicle in tip top showroom condition looking supreme at all times!!  

our pdr teams

Heading up our PDR team is a technician who has over 20 years’ experience in Paintless Dent Removals (PDR). On a daily basis he removes dents from super cars like Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Porche’s, Aston Martins and Mclaren’s at super car dealerships across Johannesburg and Sandton.

PDR is perfect for all vehicles

We also specialize in all your premium brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Our team are fluent in removing dents on all VW, Nissan, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Ford and Mazda. We remove dents on any car whether your drive a BMW or a Lexus, a Tata or an Haval we can remove these dents that are visible on your car. We come to your house or office and remove these ugly dents in a few hours and then they gone. Our expert dent remover specialist comes to you.

We specialize in all brands of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. 

Dents on the bonnet, dents on the roof arch, dents on the door, dents on the wheel arch, dents on tailgate we remove. Most commonly a dent is caused when an inconsiderate person opens their door into yours and leaves an unattractive dent in your door.

Fast pdr service offered

Nothing worse than arriving at your vehicle and getting the surprise of a dent relaxing on your door. Sometimes objects get dropped on your bonnet and leave ripples or dents. If you are fortunate enough the paint hasn’t been stripped off and a paintless dent removal is possible. We have the fastest service in the industry.

WE Remove dents from all makes and models

We Always Give The Best Price

we fix what others can’t fix

And guess what? If the paint is stripped our team of experts that can get your chariot fixed up and looking supreme with our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, so no matter the problem or damage we got you covered. We can fix the most difficult and awkward dents on your car. 

Dents on the crease or fold require a high level of skill, if it is not done properly with the right techniques and equipment the paint could crack so it’s important that the right techniques and methods are used 

WE Remove dents from all makes and models

We Always Give The Best Price

benefits of paintless dent removal

Why Choose Us

value retention

Compared to conventional repairs that require making use of body filler as well as painting harmed areas, paint-less damage repair can assist keep your car’s value. When a knowledgeable service technician fixes defects using specific PDR devices and procedures to get the task done, the initial manufacturing facility coating isn’t changed as well as there are no worries about overspray or paint shade differences. 

saving time

Paintless dent repair takes just a fraction of the time to total standard body job. Depending on the size as well as variety of dents needing fixing, the whole process can take hours compared to the days or perhaps weeks needed for typical body job treatments. 

lower costs

Because paint-less dent repair service takes less time than a standard fixing, labor prices are substantially lower. When you factor in the financial savings on materials such as body filler, primer as well as coats of expensive vehicle paint, it’s simple to see how choosing PDR can save you heaps of money. 

eco friendly

With PDR, there’s no unfavorable impact on the atmosphere. The air isn’t contaminated by the launch of toxic chemicals from body filler, automobile paint and also paint thinner and there’s no threat of ground water contamination. 


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Does Your Car Qualify For Paintless Dent Removal?

Some dents can’t be fixed with PDR. All of it depends upon whether the paint inside the dented area is damaged or not, along with the depth of a dent and where it’s located.